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Copper Tubes

We are renowned Copper Tube Manufacturers and suppliers provide optimum featured copper according to national and international quality standards. The same are extensively used in heat exchangers oil coolers, refrigeration equipment, air conditioning equipment etc.

Copper Coils

Copper Coils provided by us are available in various thickness and length ranges. Great strength, long lasting life and resistance to wear and tear are some of the prominent features of our Copper Cooling Coils. Copper Coils are manufactured from the better-quality copper to add durability.

Brass Tubes

Brass tubes are one such innovation of brass, which are extensively used by people throughout the world. Brass tubes come in different shapes with varying length or thickness in each case. Brass tubes are regularly used in household purposes, where low friction is applied.

Cupro Nickel

Cupro nickel tubes are widely used in condensers, coolers and heat exchangers where resistance to corrosion and erosion is paramount, yet maintaining a high thermal conductivity rate. Cupro nickel tube gives the greatest service life under the most difficult conditions.

Copper Sections & Profiles

They apply to Electrical and General Engineering Industries. Copper Sections and Profiles are classified into profiled tubes and rods in reeded, oval, rectangle, polygon, square and twisted shape.

Fin Tubes

Fin Tubes contains copper fin tube and copper alloy fin tube, these in evaluation to plain tubes adds to the outside area of the tube and improves the heat transport effectiveness. Copper Fin tubes are available in tube diameters.

Copper Rods

Copper rods are generally used in the applications, where the oxidization factor is very high and especially long life is requisite. Copper rods are exclusively manufactured from pure and high conductivity hard drawn copper.

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Quality Products

Cupro Nickel



Ship, Power Plant, Defense, Navy, Petroleum Refineries, Steel & Cement Plants, Marine Heat Exchanger, Desalination Plant.

Manufacturing range - Outer Diameter - 10mm to 50mm
  Wall thickness - 0.5 mm o any thickness


Material 90/10 Cupro Nickel (CN 102) 70/30 Cupro Nickel (CN 107)
Nominal Composion (%)

Cu - Remainder
Ni - 9.0 - 11.0
Fe - 1.0 - 1.8
Mn - 1.0 Max

Cu - Remainder
Ni - 29.0 to 33.0
Fe - 0.40 - 1.0
Mn - 1.0 Max.
Condition Tensile Strength (Kg/mm2) Elongation 5.65 min, Hardness Hv.
43.9 Mi.
100 Max.
130 Min.
51.0 Min.
110 Max
140 Min.
Has excellent resistance to conditions are encountered. It also has good resistance to condensate containing dissolved incondensable gases and give good service. It is an excellent material for sea water pipe lines and marine applications.
Has excellent resistance to impingement attack and other forms of corrosion in reasonably clean sea or estuaring waters and can also behave relatively well in polluted conditions, It has better resistance to attack by condensate containing dissolves in condensable gases than copper, brass or the lower nickel content alloys.

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