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Copper Tubes

We are renowned Copper Tube Manufacturers and suppliers provide optimum featured copper according to national and international quality standards. The same are extensively used in heat exchangers oil coolers, refrigeration equipment, air conditioning equipment etc.

Copper Coils

Copper Coils provided by us are available in various thickness and length ranges. Great strength, long lasting life and resistance to wear and tear are some of the prominent features of our Copper Cooling Coils. Copper Coils are manufactured from the better-quality copper to add durability.

Brass Tubes

Brass tubes are one such innovation of brass, which are extensively used by people throughout the world. Brass tubes come in different shapes with varying length or thickness in each case. Brass tubes are regularly used in household purposes, where low friction is applied.

Cupro Nickel

Cupro nickel tubes are widely used in condensers, coolers and heat exchangers where resistance to corrosion and erosion is paramount, yet maintaining a high thermal conductivity rate. Cupro nickel tube gives the greatest service life under the most difficult conditions.

Copper Sections & Profiles

They apply to Electrical and General Engineering Industries. Copper Sections and Profiles are classified into profiled tubes and rods in reeded, oval, rectangle, polygon, square and twisted shape.

Fin Tubes

Fin Tubes contains copper fin tube and copper alloy fin tube, these in evaluation to plain tubes adds to the outside area of the tube and improves the heat transport effectiveness. Copper Fin tubes are available in tube diameters.

Copper Rods

Copper rods are generally used in the applications, where the oxidization factor is very high and especially long life is requisite. Copper rods are exclusively manufactured from pure and high conductivity hard drawn copper.

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Quality has brought prosperity to Dhanlaxmi Tubes. High product quality is an absolute priority for us and this constitutes a competitive advantage as it sets us apart from our competitors and hence makes a significant contribution towards securing and extending our market position. A determination to settle for nothing less than excellence is the foundation on which our company operates. Our stringent quality practices ensure that every product meets the industry's highest production standards. The products and services we offer not only meet the quality requirements of our customers but actually exceed them.

Quality Control

It is the stringent regime of quality controls and procedures established at DhanLaxmi that gives its products the critical advantage in the industry. Strict process requirements and continuous monitoring throughout the production process minimizes the range of possible deviations in the final output. The works have been equipped with reliable testing and measuring equipment for destructive and non destructive testing.

Destructive Tests :
  • Flaring Test

    The flaring test serves to establish the forming behavior of tubes or pipes which is expanded to a specific degree. This flaring test is carried out in conformity with the code requirements. The specimen to be tested is expanded in a press to the degree specified. Defects which occur as result of this process are not permissible.

  • Hardness Test

    Samples from each lot are tested to ensure that the hardness of the tube is within permissible limits.

  • Tensile Test

    The tensile test specimen serves to determine the strength and ductility characteristics i.e. yield strength, tensile strength and elongation. Tensile tests are normally carried out at room temperature according DIN, ASTM, BS, and other common standards.

  • Flattening Test

    Flattening test mainly serves to detect microscopic internal and external flaws. It involves compressing a tube section between two planes placed parallel to a predetermined distance. Incipient cracks and internal or external defects which occur as result of this process are not permissible.

Non Destructive Tests:
  • Hydrostatic Tests

    All tubes and pipes produced at Dhanlaxmi Tubes are compulsorily subjected to 100% hydro testing. Hydrostatic Testing can be carried out at pressures upto 120 kg /cm sq. The test pressure is achieved using high pressure Triple Plunger pumps. If specified, customers or their deputed inspection agencies can witness 100% hydro testing at our plant.

  • Pneumatic Testing

    For thin wall tubes Pneumatic Testing (Air under water) is done at up to 450 psi air pressure to check for any leakages in the tube.

  • Visual Inspection

    All products at Dhanlaxmi Tubes are subjected to 100% visual inspection.

  • Visual Inspection

    All products at Dhanlaxmi Tubes are subjected to 100% visual inspection.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance System implemented at Dhanlaxmi Tubes covers all production stages right from the raw material, re-drawing, annealing, till the final product is ready for dispatch. The elements of the quality assurance system correspond to the requirements of national and international standards, as well as customer's own Quality Assurance requirements.

The Quality control department is independent of manufacturing shop. All tests are carried out by trained quality personnel in compliance with the guidelines of the Quality Assurance System. Depending upon the intended application and technical delivery conditions or customer's specifications, a variety of specific tests can be carried out to ensure that highest quality standards are maintained. Also, at the end of this meticulously uncompromising quality checks.

Sr. No. Process Characteristics to be checked Measuring Instruments Quantum to be Checked
1 Raw Material / Mother Tube Inspection Dimensions Micro Meter Random Sampling
Appearance Visual Random Sampling
2. Swaging Swage degree & Length Visual Random Sampling
3 Drawing / Intermediate Cutting Dimensions Micro Meter Random Sampling
Surface / Length Visual / Measuring Tape Random Sampling
4. Intermediate Annealing Draw ability Visual Random Sampling
5 Straightening Dimensions Micro Meter Random Sampling
Straightness Visual & Measurement Random Sampling
6 Finish Cutting Length Measuring Tape 100%
7 Deburring Burrs on ends Visual 100%
8 Inspection Dimension Micro Meter 100%
Length Measuring Tape 100%
Surface Visual 100%
9 Annealing Temperature Thermo Couple Lot Wise
Speed Speed Controller Lot Wise
10 Final Inspection & Testing Dimensions Micrometer & Measuring Tape 100%
Leakage Hydrostatic / Pneumatic Testing M/c Random Sampling
Physical & Mechanical Test UTM, Hardness Tester Etc. Random Sampling
11 Packing Marking & Packing As Per Customer Requirement 100%

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